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Cox Flexion Distraction Treatment

Your days of endless back pain may soon be over thanks to a new form of back therapy. It's called Cox Flexion Distraction and it's designed to treat disc bulges and herniations, as well as pinched nerves, joint problems, and even scoliosis.

The flexion position increases disc height creating a vacuum effect inside the disc. It pulls out any bulging or herniated disc material and alleviates back and neck pain.

Cox Flexion Distraction also promotes proper scar tissue formation and gently restores normal motion patters to the injured area. Some patients have also seen relief from migraine headaches. Patients can see success in as little as 29 days, or just 12 visits.

Contact us today to see if this new and exciting treatment is right for you!! 704-347-2888.

Video Courtesy of You Tube 

Cox Flexion Distraction Therapy

Dr. Christopher Webb of Dr. Webb and Associates in Washington, Pa., demonstrates Cox Flexion Distraction Therapy.

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