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Patient Testimonials:

"Dr. Christensen keeps me upright, mobile and centered. People mentioned Shauna to me for years and I finally made an appt. and can't believe I walked around in pain all those years!"     

Nan B.

"The holidays were not kind to my health. I felt like I had lost control and indulged in a lot of sugar and wine. At Dr Christensen’s suggestion I decided to do the NutriClear 15 Day Metabolic Cleanse. The first day I was miserable giving up my morning coffee and evening wine rituals. The second day I felt achy but took that as a good sign that the Cleanse was working. I was determined that I was not going to give up on this program. I am 70 years old and it is now or never. On the fourth day I felt on top of the world. Even though I could tell that my body was detoxifying I had a huge amount of energy and a positive attitude about the program. At one point I felt discouraged that I was not dropping a lot of pounds but kept reminding myself this was not a weight loss program but a cleanse and a way to develop some new habits. I finished the 15 days, feeling really great and the bonus was that I did lose 8.8 pounds and almost 2 inches off my waist. I am now on the ChiroThin program to continue with my weight loss and reinforce good nutritional habits. The biggest benefit to me personally is that I feel that I NOW have control and am empowered to make myself healthy in this new year. 

Bonnie M.

"Whether it's a stiff neck, a rib that is out or low back pain, Dr. Christensen continues to bring me healing & relief when needed. Over the past 10 years, both professional & caring, Christensen Chiropractic is the place!"

Jill B.

"You have helped me get in tune with myself again. I've learned to listen to my body and it's messages through pain. Thank You!"

Elke S.

"If there is just one thing that you do for wellness this year. it should be to visit Christensen Chiropractic! A friend told me to see Shauna when my achilles tendons were so tight and sore that I could barely walk. I was icing them constantly, but any amount of activity made them flare. She gave me a complete work-up and within just a few months of massage, electrode therapy and chiropractic adjustment, not only was the pain in my heels gone, but the arthritis in my knee was gone, my neck and shoulders felt much better, and I was no longer suffering from headaches. Since then, she and her wonderful staff have helped me through tendonitis in my elbow and thumb, whiplash as a result of a car accident, and a broken foot. Her nutritional advice and supplements are excellent as well. It would not be too much to say that putting yourself in her care can be completely life altering!" 

Carol P.

"I have enjoyed being a patient of Dr. Christensen's for over 6 years. She is superlative at pain elimination and promoting life-long wellness and incorporates a sense of spirit and well-being in her practice. Shauna employs her life experience and various decisive modalities to enhance her services and never fails to view my condition from a broad perspective. I now live in Western North Carolina but will drive two and half hours to see Dr. Christensen. Thank you , Shauna, for being instrumental to my good health!"

Bryan J.

" I thought I had gallstones and went to the emergency room but they couldn't tell me what was wrong. I came to Shauna's the next day and she knew exactly what the problem was. After going to several doctors and having physical therapy for 2 months with no results, I was finally pain free after just one treatment with Dr. Christensen..she's absolutely amazing!!" 

Linda R.

"Shauna is an extraordinarily gifted practitioner who is mindful of the interplay/integrative role of mind/body/spirit balancing. I discovered her at a time of crisis due to back injury which had gone under-treated by another practitioner for several months. During that time, my quality of life declined drastically due to pain/suffering. Immediately upon discovering Shauna via personal referral by a professional colleague the magic of healing was noticeably present/observable in my body. Within several months, all symptoms were gone and the fluidity of movement was again present and fully restored in my body. I love Shauna and her wonderful staff who help me maintain this original healing today-physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. This is a 5-star recommendation!"

Karen M.

"I come to Charlotte once a year. I feel rejuvenated after visiting Dr. Christensen. She keeps me going strong. Thanks!"

Terrence O.

"All I can say, is that you are amazing!! I tried everything from Acupuncture, to Yoga and more and nothing made me feel better until I saw you..Dr. Christensen you are amazing and you have changed my life..thank you!!"

Teena F.

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